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Distributed, peer-to-peer,

non-profit messaging app


You own your data

Kizuna enables you to have full control of who gets to read and access your data.

Top-of-the-line security

Kizuna keeps your messages safe from hacker attacks. No backdoor access for any other third party ー including us.

Keep conversation private

Kizuna conversations are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct.

Remote working solution

Kizuna’s tamper-resistant performance is well above the level of confidentiality required for government (political and government), academic and commercial applications.

No advertisements

Kizuna never stores your information on a centralized server. This means we do not have your data for sale for advertisement deals.


Kizuna remains independent of corporate or private interest and have the freedom to implement Kizuna with only the well-being of our users in mind.

Kizuna Features to Love


Powered by Holochain

Kizuna is built on a new distributed technology called Holochain. We don’t own, track or sell your data – you own your identity and information.


As a distributed application, Kizuna is more private, secure, and censorship-resistant.

Open source

Kizuna is completely open sourced. This means anyone can review and contribute to our development.

View Our GitHub here.

Our Stand

is a Japanese word ( 絆 )

which means “deep bond” among people.

We believe that as humans, we have the innate desire to build and nourish this deep bond with our loved ones.

Kizuna is a product of belief, ideology, and resistance.
A belief that this very bond that we nourish and cherish with others should never be capitalized on.
An ideology that this very kizuna we build with others is what makes us human and it has to be protected, safeguarded, and secured at all cost.

Kizuna stands against all platforms that try to monetize and capitalize on the essence of being human which is the ability to build a kizuna.


kizuna roadmap update september 2021

Where are we now?

The development of Kizuna has reached the final stages of Phase 2, right before Second Kizuna Prototype- P2P and Group Messaging/File sharing.We are waiting for Holochain and Holo updates.We send regular updates on the development of Kizuna. Please join the movement!

We build for you

We are a team of tech-entrepreneurs and developers under the Holochain Institute of Japan. We are driven by our passion of bringing cutting-edge technology to the hands of the people.


Our mission is to create applications that contribute to the betterment of society. We envision a future whose technological advancements are fitted to serving the needs and welfare of its users.

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With big dreams come challenges

By going against the grain of centralized applications, we will undoubtedly face challenges along the way.


Firstly, building on top of Holochain – a new, evolving, cutting-edge technology – generates uncertainties in program management especially in our timeline as we adjust for continuous development of the technology. Its novelty also means that we are stepping into unexplored frontiers requiring new patterns of development. Finally, the success of messaging apps, much more so a P2P application, is heavily reliant on the number of users of the application.


Kizuna’s take-off might feel slow at first as we initially build our user base. Existing messaging platforms are already prominent and many people have built their circles around them. Widespread adoption of Kizuna will be a major challenge moving forward but as our numbers grow, our app becomes more and more robust and resilient.


Despite these challenges, we believe that the promise of a better messaging system is worth the fight.

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