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Kizuna uses Holochain, a new framework for peer-to-peer distributed applications as its underlying technology. In a centralized cloud server such as AWS, even if you create a backup of the data to strengthen its security, if the WAF (Firewall) is broken, unencrypted information can be reached by malicious attackers.
In Kizuna, information is stored in a distributed network hosted with devices that can be installed in homes called Holoport.
Hacking Holoports that are distributed all over the world is going to be much harder than hacking a centralized server. And even if the hackers succeed in decrypting the encrypted data (which is said to be costly and difficult) stored in a Holoport, it is impossible for the hackers to reproduce continuous information that will make sense to them. Overall, it would be very time consuming and costly which makes it impractical for hackers to attack the distributed network Kizuna uses.

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