Here’s to our fans and believers

"Secure P2P messaging is a vital need for the decentralized toolkit of the new Internet. The Kizuna Messaging App is perfectly positioned to bring a mature solution to market. "
Arthur Brock
Chief Technology Officer, Holo, Ltd.
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"The Kizuna team make things happen, think strategically, come to clarity quickly, and then act with drive and determination. It’s really cool."
Eric Bear
Director of Ecosystem Growth, Holo & Holochain
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"I am personally very excited about this next stage in the journey towards distributed and agent owner communication and social applications."
David Atkinson
Commercial Director Holo & Holochain
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"I’ve gotten to know the team at Kizuna and they have both the technical skillset and strong taste in product design to build a successful, Holochain-powered messaging system."
Eric Yang
Founder of Junto
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"I am excited to try the Kizuna app because people behind it are hard-working, passionate, and care deeply about their cause, quality of work they do, and the app users"
Nastasia Emelianova
Backend Engineer of Junto
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